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I learnt chapters from my Chinese textbook and understood the meanings and learnt the pronunciation of them. This course is very helpful to me and I have such a great mentor Miss Chloe. I am soo grateful! 😃


The Buddy Wiser program is very helpful with great mentors and I am satisfied with the teaching!!

~Reshma's mom

Buddy Wiser is such a great platform for helping the needy. I truly thank all the tutors!

~Selina's mom

I was very worried that my children could not catch up with school work during the pandemic. I'm so happy that Miss Vivienne has patiently tutored them! 

~Cheuk Hei & Yi Tung's mom

The English comprehension and writing skills Miss Hannah taught were very useful, and I could train my English communication skills too in lessons. I'm so glad I joined Buddy Wiser.


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I felt very happy during lessons and I hope I can meet my mentor Miss Ali again. Thank you 🙏🏼


I really thank the wonderful teacher, who took the time to teach my child. I am very grateful to Miss Ali. I hope that the Buddy Wiser program will be even more successful.

~Sarah's mom

I really thank Miss Vivienne for teaching me! I'm so happy that I joined this program!

~Cheuk Hei

At first, I was very worried about not being able to catch up with the P6 curriculum, and Miss Vivienne patiently answered my questions. Just like the tutors here, I hope to help other kids in the future too!

~Yi Tung

Miss Hannah taught so well! As parents, we don't really know how to teach Adrian English, so I'm very grateful that Miss Hannah helped us. Thank you so much for setting up this program!

~Adrian’s mom

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